Cross Country Style brings you a fantastic collection of MacWet gloves which are available to buy online. MacWet gloves are a fantastic way of improving performance when riding and especially when you are in competitions. In the cold weather it could rain which could potentially make you lose your grip and harm yourself and your horse, similarly with warm weather and sweat on hot days. MacWet gloves are a very crucial accessory in making sure that you and your horse are safe and the best part is – they are extremely affordable!

MacWet comes from the initial McSport group which was founded in 1999 and manufactures the MacWet glove. Although the initial aim for the MacWet glove was for water skiing it became popular amongst a wide variety of sports and has hit the equestrian market. The brand and the MacWet glove range has become popular and trusted across the globe as many sportsmen have seen it as a fantastic investment into both regular training and competitions.

The MacWet glove has been a huge success within equestrian arenas when professional equestrian riders such as Polly Stockdon and Oliver Townend have seen sporting them. The brand initially started out in the UK and after it became recognised within the sporting industry it then had demands from the rest of Europe and the United States.

The technology behind the MacWet glove has been specially researched and has been extremely successful. They are manufactured with the unique fabric of Aquatec which responds to climate change and moisture when riding and it ensures maximum grip, comfort and more. Their slogan ‘all grip, no slip’ is extremely accurate and their gloves are a new revolution across the equestrian industry.

They are extremely versatile and they are of great quality and we are happy to stock them here at Cross Country Style for the best prices. View what else we have in our collection of riding gloves and we are always updating our stock so on your next visit there may be something new from MacWet.

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