Aigle is a ubiquitous brand across the equestrian world and manufactures equestrian footwear, equestrian clothing and outdoor clothing. Their attire offers a well-made collection of contemporary products that incorporate a stylish finish and contain quality embellishments. This fantastic clothing range features a wide selection of recreational apparel in the form of jackets which can also be worn when carrying out equestrian activities.

The philosophy of Aigle is to create fantastic clothing which allows the wearer to get in touch with the great outdoors whilst feeling comfortable in what they wear. Hiram Hutchinson and Charles Goodyear are the founders of this brilliant brand and in 1853 Hutchinson landed in France to form a brand named A L’Aigle as a tribute to the American eagle. Their initial products included a promising range of waterproof shoes, boots and clothes which were then distributed on a large scale.

During the 1920s cars were becoming more popular so due to women getting into them their skirts needed to be skimpier in order to fit. A L’Aigle offered raincoats, light pink coated underwear, corset fabric and boots and shoes all made of rubber. Canvas shoes became popular in the fifties so this fantastic brand manufactured these particular shoes on a large scale with rubber soles.

It was not until the 1970s that Aigle equestrian was born but they instantaneously became a huge brand across the equine world with their innovative and unprecedented riding boots. They were named the top riding brand worldwide and their riding boots were the top-selling riding equestrian boots also.

Upon beginning the Aigle equestrian range they became more interested in the country lifestyle and brought out the first hiking shoes and launched a nautical and hiking textile range in 1991. After 150 years of experience in outdoor clothing they launched their most high tech range ever with Actimum in 2002. Ever since, the Aigle brand has continued to revolutionize itself in order to fit the needs of customers and country style. The production techniques and innovative designed used by Aigle have allowed them to create distinguished outdoor clothing and boots that are durable, fashionable and functional.

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